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Profle Instrument

It can measure the various kinds of bearing components of the linear shape, straightness, angle, convexity, logarithmic curve, groove depth, groove width, groove shape, arc, and other parameters. With a high-frequency rate and high accuracy, it can accurately and fast measure & test for the object contour, two-dimensional size, two-dimensional displacement. In this way, it can control the accuracy of bearing & bearing components effectively.

The Roughness Measuring Instrument

It is used to measure the fat surface, cylindrical surface, taper surface, spherical surface, and the shape of holes and grooves. Through the detection of the instrument, it can improve the bearing surface roughness (RA), reduce the deformation of momentum (PT), So it can make the finished bearings reduce noise and improve the bearing life.

Low-Speed Series Roundness Instrument Y9025

The roundness instrument can measure both inside and outside of the bearing ring raceway, roundness, waviness, concentricity, perpendicularity, parallelism, and flatness parameters; It can make sure the finished bearings to achieve the best quality level by measuring the bearing raceway, steel ball, and etc.

Inverted Metallographic Microscope

The metallographic instrument used for inspecting high precision bearing & bearing housing raw material metallurgical structure,macro-structure,non-metallic inclusions, crystal material, the average depth of carbon elimination, fracture crack, through the instrument detection, it can guarantee the reliability of bearing components, bearing materials, ensure the bearing long life.

The Vibration Test Instrument

Bearing vibration and noise test, it can monitor the bearing noise, while the external oscilloscope, to monitor the abnormal sound & vibration waveform; It can show the bearing vibration velocity with low, medium and high-frequency RMS (m/s), the vibration detector can effectively reduce the adverse factors in the process of assembling. In order to control the finished bearing vibration and noise effectively, improve the bearing life.

Bearing Life Testing Instrument

It is used for measuring the bearing defect by high-frequency acceleration & vibration measurement, It can analyze the domain waveform, FFT frequency to analyze the reason or part failure, through the detection of the instrument, It can check out for the bearing fault produced during the first production process, so as to guarantee the bearing long lifetime.

The Tension Test Instrument

The Tension test instrument is mainly used in metal and non-metal materials tensile test of the casting, Through this test, It can guarantee the housing element ratio during the casting process, it can also make sure the bearing housing material above HT180 & the tensile strength by the test, then improve the bearing housing life.
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