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Mounting of Bearing Units

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1.Mounting of set screw unit:

a. Check accuracy of shaft。

Before mounting the bearing unit, check the shaft accuracy for no bends, burrs, and other flaw

Mounting of adapter sleeve unit:

NOTE:The adapter sleeve unit can be reliably secured to the shaft even when it is subjected to the impact loads and vibrations. But, this unit can not be used on a shaft that is subjected to grease axial load.

2. Fit the sleeve onto the shaft

Fit the sleeve onto the shaft and position it so that its tapered section is centered to the bearing. For easy fitting, expand its slow with screwdriver or similar tools.

3.  Excessive tightening of the mounting bolts  may cause the housing to deform. Tighten the bolts to the proper torque, ETK  recommends using a washer with the bolt when mounting the housing as the bolt alone may cause damage to the housing.

4.. Place the lockwasher, and fully handtighten the nut.

5.Fit a jig or a screwdriver in one of slots on the nut, and tap it with a hammer until the nut turns 60  to 90 degree. NEVER tap the slinger  and NEVER overtighten the nut.

Bend tabs of lock washer so that it fits into slots on the nut.

Never back rotate nut to fit washer tabs, forward rotate nut to fit the washer tabs.

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